Jill Livesey, managing director, HIM and MCA Insights

Jill Livesey

managing director, HIM and MCA Insights

The UK Restaurant Market in 2019 is set to contract at its fastest rate in seven years. Jill will share exclusive insight and trends from MCA’s newly published Restaurant Market Report 2019, to help operators and suppliers negotiate an ever more complex and competitive environment.

Jill joined HIM – which is part of William Reed Business Media (WRBM) – in 2012 as Insight and Marketing Director, becoming Managing Director in 2013. Jill’s focus is on maintaining knowledge and strong relationships across the industry, taking her and her team from trade shows to the shop floor, conferences, cash and carry depots.

Before WRBM, Jill worked for Marks & Spencer in the UK and Europe, opening new formats in new markets. Jill then moved from retail to manufacturing with roles for Unilever and Birdseye, working with some of the most iconic products and loved brands.

Jill is proud of HIM’s reputation as a respected professional research company with a huge personality, underpinned by WRBM’s heritage and expertise. She augments her dedicated industry research by engaging in her not unrelated passions: shopping, drinking and eating.

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