Alasdair Murdoch, Burger King UK

Alasdair Murdoch

chief executive, Burger King UK

Alasdair will speak on leadership – the key attributes which are more critical, now than ever, for our sector.

Alasdair Murdoch is the CEO of Burger King in the UK and is leading the joint venture which owns the Master franchise, of which Bridgepoint is the majority shareholder.

Prior to this role, Alasdair has had a wealth of experience within the restaurant industry, spending most of his career with Yum Brands. However, he started out over 20 years ago as an Area Manager for Taylor Walker before moving across in 1995 to Pizza Hut UK where he worked in operations. In 2000, he became Operations Director for the delivery brand, where he oversaw their renaissance, driving sales, tripling profitability and embarking on franchising within that channel. From there, he moved to KFC as Operations Director in the UK. Two years later, he moved to France as Managing Director of the Pizza Hut business. He came back to the UK in 2006 to become CEO of Pizza Hut UK for 3 years. He then moved to head up Pizza Express’s International business based out of Barcelona, enabling its sale back to the brand owner at the time. In 2010, he was part of the team that took The Clapham House Group private. From the end of 2010 until his appointment with Burger King in 2018, he led the team that oversaw the growth of GBK. He did this, alongside his team, by investing significantly in the quality of the food, re-investing in the restaurants and developing the GBK teams in each restaurant, coupled with brand definition which drove consumer engagement.

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